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Posted on Jan 12, 2013

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

At the beginning of our young nation’s history, most everything people worked with or consumed was made not too far from the front door. The concept of “overseas manufacturing” didn’t exist. In recent years, however, “American made” has almost become a, well, foreign concept.

As the economy struggles to rebound, American consumers are rethinking how they spend every dollar. While cost matters – and let’s face it, sometimes cost is everything – people are deciding that it isn’t always the bottom line. Increasingly disillusioned with inferior quality, concerns about worker exploitation, and a desire to contribute to strengthening our economy, consumers are looking for products made here on our own shores.

Last fall, do-it-yourself guru Martha Stewart launched her American Made Initiative to celebrate the ingenuity, creativity, and high quality of a new class of American “doers and makers” like herself. Stewart hopes to bring awareness to the benefits of buying American.

One US company that has consistently received accolades for its commitment to American manufacturing is Herman Miller. The Made in the USA Foundation inducted Herman Miller into the “Made in USA Hall of Fame”, and the company also appeared on two separate lists: MSN Money’s “10 Products America Makes Best” and’s “10 Iconic Products Still Made In America.” Herman Miller was the only company recognized by all three organizations.

In recent years The Herman Miller Company has demonstrated its commitment to manufacturing in the U.S. even as it has established production sites in Europe and Asia to provide added capacity to serve its growing international markets.  According to their website, “approximately 90% of the economic value embedded in Herman Miller’s U.S. made products, in parts and labor, are sourced in North America, with more than 50% of its direct spend on materials and components sourced within 50 miles of the company’s manufacturing sites in west Michigan. The company’s expertise in “Lean” manufacturing is credited for its ability to compete globally in both value and quality, relying on its excellent workforce of employee owners to drive continual improvements in efficiency. Herman Miller also works closely with both its supplier network and distributors to create further Lean gains throughout its business value chain.”

Check out our “Made in America” Pinterest board for beautiful designs as well as great examples of American craftsmanship.

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